Frequently Asked Questions

Just find efootstep on playstore

For adding the device follow the following steps
1) Find efootstep app from playstore
2) Install efootstep app into your mobile phone
3) Give required permissions to efootstep mobile app
4) Login to mobile app using your efootstep username and password
You can also find help from following youtube link
A Geofence is an Area created by you in which you are interested. You can create Geofence after login in Geofence menu option. 

By creating Geofence you can create alert for any device and keep track that device is entered into your interested area or exited from your exited area. You can create Geofence in form of Circle or Polygon.
Find tutorial on youtube Youtube tutorial

You can subscribe an alert for your device. You can subscribe SMS and Email alert. You can create alert for Geofence Entry/Exit, Gps Enable/Disabled and many more.
Just login and click on alert section.
1) Login to efootstep web protal
2) Click on alert section

3) In the alert section click on create alert button

4) Now select an alert type

5) Give alert name
6) Select devices for which you want to create alert by clicking on select device option, you can select more than one devices. 

7) Also add email and phone number on which you want to get alerts, you can add more than one mobile numbers and email address
8) Click on save button it will save your alert and you will start to get alerts

Note: for each alert type some options varies, according to the alert type you can select other options.

In the alert section you can manage you alert easily.

All alerts created by you will be list in alert section, by clicking on Create Alert button you can add new alerts.

For editing alerts you can click on edit button which is given for each alert as well as you can delete alerts by click on delete icon which is given for each alert.
You should use this application:
1) If you want to track your mobile devices.
2) You want to be in touch of your lovable and want get updated with their location for safety purpose
3) You have a team that works in field, you can use our application for tracking them and increase your productivity.
4) You are using your mobile phone as wallet, so keep track of your wallet anytime, anywhere.
5) You are providing delivery services than it is a good reason to use our services.
6) If your child stay far away from you use our service.

You can also find more reason by watching following video
You can register devices as many as you required. No extra charges.
We glad to announce you , we are providing All services are free of cost.
No, Sorry for that efootstep mobile application can not track your mobile without internet in your mobile phone. Kindly keep enable your internet 24*7 hours for tracking your mobile app and keeping more secure it.
Whenever you are in emergency just click your mobile power button 15 times in 10 seconds

This will send notification to web application that you are in emergency. If you have subscribe email and sms alert for rabbit emergency alert than it will send notifications to subscribe mobile number and email address.

you can generate alert in alert section. By doing following steps

1) Go to alert section by clicking on alert option

2) Select rabbit emergency alert option

3) Give alert name

4) Open device list popup by  clicking on select device button and select devices for which you want to subscribe rabbit Emergency alert.

5) As well as click on Add Mobile and Add Email for adding mobile and email  for scubscription

6) Finally click on save button. 

Now whenever you will press your device power button 10-15 times with in 10 seconds it will send an emergency alert to all subscribed mobile numbers and email address.

Fuirher you can edit or delete your alerts any time.