How to start tracking?

1. Register yourself once into efootstep once using email id Here.
2. Install eFootstep mobile app from playstore.
3. Login into mobile app using email id and password.
Now you are in protected mode, you can track and control your device into Tracker Module.

Welcome To eFootstep

Our website provides you a platform to generate security environment for your lovables. Always know their real position without disturbing them. You can also track your team members into field and you can guide them as well as measure their performance. Never lose your driver position with your fleet.Your driver position always on your finger click.

"You are in trouble send RABBIT EMERGENCY ALERT"

Keep care that your internet is working and GPS is enabled , just press your mobile power button 15 times within 15 seconds continuously, your nearest will get SMS and Email with your current location they will know that you are in trouble and they can come for your help by tracking you.
"Just install and login mobile app once you will always connect to efootstep server."
No need to start efootstep mobile everytime

View history and playback of your last travel.

Our website is full of amazing feature, you can track your last journey in a single click in our REPLAY section. You can also play history in form of video in our Playback Section.